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About Your Business

Here at Klines Custom Fabrication, it is our intent to create the customers wants or dreams.

We will meet or exceed our customers requirements and if the requirements are undetermined then

it is our goal to help you create them!

Klines custom fab does this by exceeding the basics of the industry.

It is important for any business to keep moving forward by,

-advancing their knowledge continuously

-keeping an open mind!

-implementing new industrial processes

-investing in all of the above along with R & D

Klines custom fabrication

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If you supply the materials, prints, or designs.

Klines customs will weld the product to your specifications.


If you supply the idea via designs, prints and requirments.

Klines customs will create all the product to your specifications.

Enginnering Design

If our customer has an idea, but is not sure how to get to the finished result. Klines customs will help you create the CAD model, prints, and product.